Digital Version - One, Two, Three with W.W.E.  Open Ended, Short Answer, Extended, Constructed, & Essay Responses

Digital Version - One, Two, Three with W.W.E. Open Ended, Short Answer, Extended, Constructed, & Essay Responses

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This is our newest product and one of the easiest ways to teach students constructed responses, open-ended short answer, extended, essay, and even expository/persuasive purposes of writing!

Each color of a traffic light is a simple checklist for your students. The cool thing about this activity is that there are multiple things that you can purchase that are red, yellow,and green at the Dollar Tree that I will model in my videos to make things very visual and kinesthetic for your students!


Purchase of this digital product comes with permission to make unlimited copies for your class or campus.

Districts please purchase one set for each campus.

NOTE:  This is a digital file that you will receive within 24 hours of purchase by email.  Check your inbox, spam, and junk mail before emailing that you did not receive a copy.   Sometimes it is better to use a personal email address when checking out so that the file does not get blocked.

One, Two, Three with W.W.E.
Open Ended/Short Answer, Extended, Constructed, & Essay Responses

W.   Red Light  -  How to Get a One
W.   Yellow Light - How to Get a Two
E.    Green Light -  How to Get a Three

What is the question/topic/prompt?
Look for words like what, who, when, where, why, which, and/or how
in the question and/or prompt/topic.
E.O.C. Essays only: Expository: Write about the importance of.....
Persuasive: Write about whether or not.......

1. Red W. - What is/are the answer(s)? Essays (Thesis/Position Statement)
The answer has to clearly respond to the question being asked to get a one/1 point.
(number, grid, symbol, word, equation/inequality, phrase, sentence, table, graph, multi-part, drag & drop)
Restate/Repeat: What are some of the words in the question/prompt I can use to help me respond?
This does NOT mean that I have to restate or repeat the question/prompt several times.
Use W.O.W. to think of different ways to answer the question in a complete sentence:
Rephrase: What Other Words can I use? What Other Way can I start my first sentence?
Reflect: What Original Way can I respond? Words Of Wisdom? (Quote/Truism)

2. Yellow W. - Where can I support my answer using the passage/selection?
What section/paragraph/sentence(s) can I use as evidence? Why do I think this is the answer?
If the question and my answer has two parts, the textual evidence I use must relate to both parts.

3. Green E. - Example(s) & Explain (Development)
The Example(s) I use and the way I Explain it/them must clearly relate to my answer(s)/red light,
AND my textual evidence/support/yellow light in order to qualify for a three.

EOC 1 & 2 Essays Only - Including these components can earn me a four:
Explode: (Vocabulary/Voice) Ending, Extension Persuasive: Encourage/Exhort
E.R. (Editing and Revising)

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