Digital 2021-2022 DEAR DOC ELAR/Writing Binder: Daily Editing/Extended/Essay and Revising/Reading of Development, Organization, & Conventions)

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This purchase will also include:
New Rules for Reading Checklist
"Step by Step" Sequence Ladder
"Explosion in the House" Poem for 3rd Grade
"Let it Go? Come On Elsa! Literary Nonfiction Selection for 5th Grade 
All New Passages Added Between now and May will be sent by email at no extra charge!
Free Facebook & You Tube modeling of any and all strategies and activities upon request by email or messenger

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1. Digital 2021-2022 Version of our Daily Editing/Extended/Essay, Reading, And Revising of Development, Organization, & Conventions English. Check to see if your copy has 672 pages to know if you have the most recent version.   
This purchase gives you permission to make unlimited class or campus copies.  
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Digital ELAR/Reading/Writing Binder Details:
Right now, there are over pages of writing from penmanship all to the way to editing/revising full length passages and writing all purposes of writing.  Throughout the summer and coming school year, another 100-200 pages will be added as we transition to ELAR reading for 3rd-10th grade with revising and editing and open ended short answer questions in all subjects and tested grade levels..  This will be part of field test questions in 2020-2021 and part of the actual tests beginning in 2021-2022.
Almost 100 pages of reading focused activities, strategies and passages to help you make the transition to reading driven tests that include revising and editing passages and open ended short answer questions  for ELAR teachers

Everything you need is already collated and in the binder if you are trying to fill in all the gaps and holes that your students come to you with from previous grade levels that may not have adequately taught grammar, revising & editing, and/or the expository purpose of writing.  The table of contents includes a suggested timeline for teaching each skill.  Dozen of strategies that allow students to combine  Reading and Writing  that address old and new ELAR & Writing TEKS (registered trademark) and strategies.
 There are over 200 pages of open ended and multiple choice editing and revising questions for students functioning at the word and sentence level.
hundred of activities for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners
Order three or more binders, and UPS ground shipping is free!
Hundreds and hundreds of Daily Oral Language which is called DEAR DOC in this binder to practice:
(Daily Editing And Revising of Development, Organization, and Conventions)
step by step easy to remember checklist when doing revising and editing passages
penmanship in print and cursive 
ideas on how to hook the reader and keep him engaged
central, controlling idea and thesis statements
hundreds of creative transition words and phrases
creative activities to practice word choice and sentence fluency
mini-thesaurus for opinion and emotion words
revising student essay strategies and questions in open ended format
revising passages strategies and questions in Format of the state test that allow students to answer both reading and writing multiple choice questions
Prompts, Strategies and Plans for Expository Purpose
Prompts, Strategies and Plans for Persuasive Purpose
Prompts, Strategies and Plans for Personal Narrative Purpose
adding and removing words, phrases, and/or sentences to passages
Dozens of strategies for multiple purposes and traits of writing including: expository, narrative, classificatory/compare & contrast, persuasive, how to, descriptive and open ended short answer questions for ELAR & writing 
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