About Us

If you were looking for The ELAR/SLAR & WRITE Prescription and Come On Sense Math  with Bill MacDonald, you found the right place! 

On this website, you will find lots of great products to assist you in teaching writing and math, as well as ideas and activities on managing and motivating difficult students.  We also offer staff development in all these areas as well as student trainings while teachers observe.  Click on our contact us link for more information on trainings at your campus, district, and/or regional service center.


     During my teacher career, I saw a great need to improve the structure of how we were educating our kids in the language arts. In my last year of full-time teaching, I was the Campus and District Teacher of the Year in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD in South Texas. I taught 4th grade for 12 years and during that time, I worked with over 500 students.  Even though they were 99% Hispanic and 95% economically disadvantaged, consistently over 90% were able to achieve fours on their Texas state writing compositions and consistently high editing and revising scores.

     Currently, I work full-time as "The Reading, Writing, and Math Doctor" devoting my time to in-class training of students and teachers all across Texas. So far, I have shared my techniques and teaching materials with tens of thousands of students and teachers at hundreds of schools. Please join my ELAR & WRITE Prescription as well as my Come On Sense Math pages on Facebook if you haven't already done so!  It will also help to find my video lessons on my YouTube page under Bill MacDonald Consultant.

For the last several years, schools really enjoyed the connection and engagement their students have to my visual, auditory and kinesthetic strategies that utilize a total physical response.  Because of that, I have also modeled math and reading strategies for those who felt the need to learn a different approach.

I also offer trainings to promote safety in schools by preventing behavior problems like bullying and violence before they start.  These teacher staff development trainings will be called How to Turn Their Horns to Halos, Managing and Motivating the Hearts and Minds of Difficult Students.  Due to the latest negative trends in schools across the United States, it is very critical that we intervene and connect with students mentally, emotionally, and socially before their hearts are hardened.