Digital Editing, Reading, Revising, & Essay Graphic Organizers 8.5" x 11"

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Since many of you have been following my posts and strategies on Facebook and other social media, I have received hundreds of requests to make this graphic organizer available as a stand alone product, not just available at teacher trainings. Your wishes have finally been granted! Here it is! 
Purchase of this product come to the permission to make unlimited classroom copies.
For district purchases, please purchase one set per campus.

 The editing section is the hand that addresses editing of passages and essays for capitalization, usage, punctuation, spelling, and spelling boundaries related to run-ons, and fragments.
Starting next year, all reading students will receive two passages with editing questions.
The iron Man and Aquaman figures are a reminder to write neat print or cursive penmanship. Iron Man represents open fingers where letters don't touch, and Aquaman is for cursive when all letters will touch.

The train portion of the graphic organizer allows you to break down the points by color that your students need to get a one two or three for answering the question, giving textual evidence, and developing the response with depth using examples to explain. The caboose allows for a sentence that gives closure to the response and remind your students to take time to check the conventions and grammar of the response for a total of five points. Based on two readers, if your students do all of the things required of them, they can qualify for 10 points for this question.
The last and probably most valuable section is for Reading, the comprehension of content, and Revising, the improvement content of a passage. It has an ARM and a hand. The ARM has a green bracelet for Add, a red bracelet for Remove/Replace, and a yellow bracelet to Move. Adding, Removing/Replacing words, phrases, and/or transitions are what I call details using a candy called Dum-Dums. When your students are using ARM for sentences, I use the candy called Smarties to discuss that. It is when your students need to add, remove, replace, or move, or combine whole sentences that there is usually a problem, your students will receive to revising passages in all grade levels starting next year.
For reading objectives and skills,the fingernails allow your students to write in sentence or paraphraph numbers. The eyeball in the center is the focus of the essay, the central/controlling idea statement, thesis/position statement or summary of the content, the whole passage, not just one paragraph as some students wrongly assume.
The red shoes remind your kids to TIE everything together in a passage and essay by the time the ending/conclusion is written:
T Topic/Title/Truism I Idea E Example(s) Explain Explode, End, and ER (Editing & Revising) 
It is very important that you follow me on Facebook and/or You Tube to watch videos that I model using all sections of the graphic organizer to make it the most effective.
Enter the key words May the Fours and/or Bill MacDonald to find me! Email me at if you have any questions!

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