Tell and Show Me How You Really Feel in a Reading/ELAR Writing Classroom

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How to Infer and Express Voice in Reading and Writing Using Feelings, Emotions, Opinions, and State of Being/Mind

In these amazing full color posters your students will be able to come up with great anchor charts that will help them infer the emotions, opinions, and state of being mind of characters in a  reading passage by using vocabulary and the actions, facial expressions, body language, and even the tag, (said words)


They will also come in quite handy when you having your students expressing their own voice when writing open ended paragraphs and essays.  Check out the pictures to get an idea of how to tell and show your emotions.   These would be a great addition to your students' ELAR folders and can be a great emotion wall or bulletin board section to your classroom.


Here is the list of posters in this tell and show how you really feel product:

opinions, emotions, happy tell and show, sad tell and show, mad tell and show, bored tell and show, tired tell and show, surprised tell and show, confused tell and show, worried tell and show, scared tell and show, feelings and emotions vocabulary and pictures, state of being/mind vocabulary and pictures.


For each emotions poster, your students will first come up with five to ten synonyms that would be grade appropriate for them and write them on the lines provided

Then they will look at the emotions collage and think about what the characters are doing, and possibly thinking, believing, as well as what they might be saying and how they're saying it.  They will use the ideas they come up with from the collages AND their own personal experiences as a class, in groups, and partners, and write them on the lines provided at the bottom.  It is often what is written there that will help your students infer and draw conclusions about characters in a story, play, or poem.

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