Punctuation is Pause-i-ball with F.A.T.

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NOTE:  This product is a digital purchase.  You will be emailed the file within 24 hours of checking out of the store.  If you don't receive your file within one day, email us at writing_doctor@yahoo.com, and we will get it to you.   (Sometimes email with attached files get blocked as junk mail or spam.)Every single year, students across the United States struggle with punctuation.

This product allows you to use a kinesthetic activity with a real or imaginary ball to determine what to do with the ball based on the type of punctuation that is being read.

The acronym FAT stands for floor, air, and table.  This will bring punctuation to life in your classroom and practice red stop signs called periods, exclamations, and question marks, and yellow caution signs using commas, apostrophes, contractions, and quotation marks.

Several of the questions will test your students' understanding of commas in a series, introductory phrases that need commas, dependent clauses, independent clauses, compound sentences using coordinating conjunctions, singular versus singular possessive, plural versus plural possessive, dialogue, and more!

There are 20 questions on test pages including the answer key using difficult questions the 2019 Texas test as a guide from 4th, 7th, 9th, and 10th grade, and all of the answer choices relate to punctuation in some way.

As you can see in the images, each question mentions what grade level, question number and percent correct.

I will be modeling one question per day on Facebook as short videos under my writing club called May the Fours be with You. This will give you the opportunity to watch me model how I would teach each question and answer choice. If you don't have Facebook, you can email me for guidance on specific questions, and I can post the videos to my Youtube page instead and email you a link.

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