Hard Copy Version - One, Two, Three with W.W.E.  Open Ended, Short Answer, Extended, Constructed, & Essay Responses

Hard Copy Version - One, Two, Three with W.W.E. Open Ended, Short Answer, Extended, Constructed, & Essay Responses

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One, Two, Three with W.W.E.
Open Ended/Short Answer, Extended, Constructed, & Essay Responses
W.   Red Light  -  How to Get a One
W.   Yellow Light - How to Get a Two
E.    Green Light -  How to Get a Three

What is the question/topic/prompt?
Look for words like what, who, when, where, why, which, and/or how
in the question and/or prompt/topic.
E.O.C. Essays only: Expository: Write about the importance of.....
Persuasive: Write about whether or not.......

1. Red W. - What is/are the answer(s)? Essays (Thesis/Position Statement)
The answer has to clearly respond to the question being asked to get a one/1 point.
(number, grid, symbol, word, equation/inequality, phrase, sentence, table, graph, multi-part, drag & drop)
Restate/Repeat: What are some of the words in the question/prompt I can use to help me respond?
This does NOT mean that I have to restate or repeat the question/prompt several times.
Use W.O.W. to think of different ways to answer the question in a complete sentence:
Rephrase: What Other Words can I use? What Other Way can I start my first sentence?
Reflect: What Original Way can I respond? Words Of Wisdom? (Quote/Truism)

2. Yellow W. - Where can I support my answer using the passage/selection?
What section/paragraph/sentence(s) can I use as evidence? Why do I think this is the answer?
If the question and my answer has two parts, the textual evidence I use must relate to both parts.

3. Green E. - Example(s) & Explain (Development)
The Example(s) I use and the way I Explain it/them must clearly relate to my answer(s)/red light,
AND my textual evidence/support/yellow light in order to qualify for a three. 

EOC 1 & 2 Essays Only - Including these components can earn me a four:
Explode: (Vocabulary/Voice) Ending, Extension Persuasive: Encourage/Exhort
E.R. (Editing and Revising)

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