Problem Solving & Place Value Mathematics Charts (4th Grade & Up)

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Class set of 25 Mathematics Charts Class Sets from
These sets come on two sided full color 11" x 17" durable poster tagboard and are ready to laminate and fold for long term student use!


These will be most useful for students in grades 4 through 8.

I recommend the primary mathematics charts for third grade and lower.

This is a very valuable tool that your students can have right at their fingertips when working on difficult rigorous word problems. After laminating and folding them, kids can use them over and over with dry erase markers.

Here is a brief summary of what comes on each side of these advanced charts:

Side One:
1. Place value chart from the ones place to the hundred billions place
2. spot to write in the key words that go with each number you are using
3. option for entering answers based on the STAAR (registered trademark) test choices of A,B,C, D
or F,G, H, J
4. Allows students to compare and order numbers based on place value
5. Allows student to practice the difficult concept of grid responses
6. Section for determining which operation to use based on the key words that
go with each number

Side Two:
1. Place value from tenths to thousandths place
2. Option to compare and order money in dollars and cents
3. Interchangeable decimal/and when write as numbers and words
4. Section to practice fifths and tenths

Side Three:
1. Step by step guide for doing problem solving using the word RULES as an
2. Reminder to students to read test softly or loudly to help visual and auditory
3. Reminder to bubble odd answers as A, B, C, D
and even answers as F, G, H, J when using a scantron

Side Four:
1. Key words chart that gives dozens of clues about which operation to use
2. Guidance when using various units of metric length

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