Problem Solving & Place Value Mathematics Charts (3rd Grade & Lower)

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This product comes in sets of 25 11" x 17" durable card stock for easy lamination and long term use!

Page One:  Systematic checklist for each step in the problem solving process.  This checklist requires your students to read the entire problem and questions softly instead of silently like other checklists like CUBES which have been proven less effective.

Page Two:  Key words list for all four operations along with certain things your students can do and say as they read specific key words

Page Three:  Because so many students struggle with the complexities of grid responses compared to multiple choice answers, this product can be laminated allowing your students to grid every single answer that requires a number response.   This will build their confidence when it comes to actual grid responses required in testing situations.  (Goes from ones place to one hundred thousands place)   See our advanced Mathematics Chart that goes up to the hundred billions for students in the higher grades.

Page Four:  This page allows you to practice going from fractions to decimals to percents as well as work with money involving tenths being dimes and hundredths being pennies.  The decimal even has the word "and" in qutotation marks to remind your students to only say the word and when it comes to numbers that have decimals. 

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