U.S. C.O.P.P.S. Five Finger Editing/Conventions

U.S. C.O.P.P.S. Five Finger Editing/Conventions

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Call the U.S. C.O.P.P.S. Five Finger Editing
Teach your students to be their own grammar police!

The next time your students need a guide on how to edit their essays, you can use this US COPPS Five Finger Editing Guide/Checklist.

U- Usage for subject verb agreement
(determining when a sentence is in past, present, or future tense or when the subjects and/or predicates are singular or
C- Is for Capitalization
(when to use upper and lower case letters)
O- is for Off-Limits Words
(editing to substitute better word choices for those that are either too low or too high for the student to use on the essay)
P- is for Penmanship
(Checking that all the letters are written neatly and are easily legible in print or cursive).
P- is for Punctuation
(Looking for problems like periods, exclamations, question marks, quotations, apostrophes, contractions and commas).
S- is for Spelling
(reminding the student to read orally and silently to take pictures of the order of the letters visually and videos of how the word sounds orally)
This set comes with 25 two-sided full color 8.5" x 11" 80lb tagboard and can be easily laminated for classroom use.

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