STAAR Writing Guide for Expository & Persuasive

STAAR Writing Guide for Expository & Persuasive

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Table of Contents:

Page 2:  What will get you zeroes on expository & persuasive

Page 3:  How to get two fours on expository using the word EXPOSITORY

Page 4:  How to get two fours on persuasive using the word PERSUASIVE

Page 5:  Using Your Hands, Fingers, & TOES TO get two fours on PERSUASIVE

Page 6:   Let Your Voice Be Heard     How to use Mr. Potato Head and six colors of poker chips to add and check for the quantity and quality of voice & development

Page 7 & 8:   Practicing Thesis & Position Statements    Eleven prompts with and without thesis & position statements

Page 9:    English 1 Expository prompt in STAAR format:   Write an essay explaining the importance of honesty

Page 10:  English 2 Persuasive Prompt in STAAR format:  Write an essay stating your opinion on which is more important:  being there for family or friends.

Page 11 & 12  Twenty four "four quality" thesis statements responding to the prompt "the importance of honesty"

Page 13:  Four Quality Essay   Importance of Honesty using ONE Personal Example:  keeping the promise to love honor & cherish until death do you part in marriage

Page 14:  Four Quality Essay  Importance of Honest using ONE Hypothetical Example:  Keeping or Sharing Secrets that Someone Gives You When you Promise not to tell anyone

Page 15:  Four Quality Essay  Importance of Honesty using TWO current event examples: Promises Made By Presidents and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"

Page 16:  Four Quality Essay Importance of Honesty/Historical Event- Martin Luther King Being Honest in His "I Have a Dream" Speech and his life

Page 17 & 18:   Blank Lined paper for brainstorming to practice pencil & paper as well as online essays

Pages 19-50  Words of Wisdom/Quotes/Truisms Based on the Persuasive Prompt "Write an essay stating your opinion on which is more important: being there for friends or family     These will be used to model attention getters, hooks, and relevant, related position statements

Page 51-56  Quick Check and Analytic Scoring Guides for Expository & Persuasive