DEAR Daily Editing, Extension, Essay, Application, Revising, & Reading Teacher Appreciation Theme

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This is a great tool to practice wholistic reading and writing with your students using Teachers Appreciation week as a theme.

Part One:   Editing conventions/grammar of a poem to a Teacher   Pages 1-3  

This passage has 7 multiple choice questions about capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling.  There is also one open ended short answer question that requires an answer in a complete sentence.


Part Two:  Revising Content/Organization & Development of a Poem to a Teacher  Pages 4-6 

This passage has 7 multiple choice questions about adding, removing, replacing or moving transitions, word choices, order of words, and one open ended question that requires one or two sentences answering a question involving inferencing and drawing a conclusion.


Part Three:  Reading for Comprehension  Pages  7-9   Reading Relating TEKS Based on difficult questions on previous state tests.


Answer Key for Editing, Revising, and Reading:   Page 10


Part Four:   Student Poem for Teacher 

Pages 11 and 12

Letter to my Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week Page 13

Opinion Essay on the qualities of an effective teacher;  Page 14-17

Expository Essay:   Page 18

 3rd-4th Grade;  One quality of a good teacher

6th -9th Grade:   

importance of a good education

 Persuasive Essay:  Page 19 

10th-12th Grade:  Whether or not a teacher can have an impact on  student success in school