4th Grade Math Surgery Recorded Webinar

4th Grade Math Surgery Recorded Webinar

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4th Grade Math Surgery Based on Questions                                                              Modeled After Most Difficult Questions/TEKS from 2019 Test     

Cost:  $10 Per Teacher 

This product can be sent to you as a test that has all ten questions modeled for you in ONE long video, OR you can choose to have them sent to you one question at a time in short  easy access Youtube videos that you can show your students based on whatever specific TEKS or skills you are going over at different times of the year.  The practice test itself will be sent to you by email once you complete your purchase at checkout in the store.  (Just let us know in the notes section how you would prefer to receive the product.)                 


Includes: Strategies, Full Color Math Posters, and
Graphic Organizers for Place Value, Problem Solving
Checklist, and Key Words for Operations Chart

Whatever questions are not modeling during the two hour webinar will be recorded and sent to you via email in another video at no extra charge.

1. Similar to Question #5 48% State Average Correct                                                    Strip Diagrams with Two Steps of Division                                                                  RC 2 S.E. 4.5A

2 Similar to Question #6 30% State Average Correct                                                     Using a protractor to find the measurement of an angle with two rays NOT           going through zero  RC 3 SE 4.7D

3 Similar to Question #9 35% State Average Correct                                                     Comparing improper and mixed fractions using grams                                                         RC 1 SE 4.3D

4 Similar to  Question #10 53% State Average Correct                                                 Two Step Problem: Finding the remainder after multiplying and dividing one       and two digit numbers     RC 2 SE 4.4H

5 Similar to Question #11 58% State Average Correct                                                    Finding the total number of cups and ounces of sugar left unused after                baking a cake      RC 3 SE 4.8C

6 Similar to Question #16 State Average Correct 60%                                                 Finding out which pair of expressions have a quotient & product of ABOUT  9      RC 2 SE 4.4G

7 Similar to Question #21 State Average Correct 57%                                                   Converting inches of a poster to feet                                                                           RC 3 SE 4.8B

8 Similar to Question #24 State Average Correct 28%                                                    Two Step Problem: Using Fractions and time to combine one set of numbers        and the difference of another number                                                                         RC 2 SE 4.3E

9 Similar to Question #26 State Average Correct 33%                                                    Open ended question needing two steps of two and three digit multiplication      RC 2 SE 4.4H

10 Similar to Question #33 State Average Correct 59%                                                   Comparing the perimeters of four rectangles with only two sides shown on         each figure   RC 3 SE 4.5D

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