Webinar: Seeing Your Students as the Super Heroes they Have the Potential to Be

Webinar: Seeing Your Students as the Super Heroes they Have the Potential to Be

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Transforming your Lense:
Seeing Your Students as the Super Heroes
They Have the Potential to Be
When: MONDAY JUNE 22, 2020
Time: 9:00 A.M. - 11:00
Cost: $15 per Person - Limit 100 Attendees

Entry fee will include all handouts, online/email support
and a digital copy of the book coming out in August.

Registration: www.thewriteprescription.com
You will be sent an email confirmation and
a meeting id/code the day before the session.
Questions: bmacdonald124@gmail.com or writing_doctor@yahoo.com


For much of my childhood and teenage years, I had an S placed on my shirt by my parents, peers, and even some teachers. Unfortunately, it usually stood for stupid, stubborn, and silly.  

After awhile the words that people speak into your life begin to take root and you begin to believe that they are true, and that you are who you say they are.  What results is a self fulfilling prophecy that creates a pattern, which becomes a habit, and eventually a lifestyle that is hard to break free from.

Let me give you an analogy:  When someone who wears glasses takes them off for a moment, the world doesn't change. Just the way he or she sees it changes.  That will be our goal in this webinar....to help students look in the mirror and see the good in themselves and not just the bad that is easy to find or that others have been constantly bombarding them with their whole lives.  The ultimate purpose of this webinar will be to help you and your students change how you see them and how they view themselves.  

We will use dozens of super heroes, showing that they might have weaknesses, but changing our point of view to focus on the strengths....the life and hope they have in themselves that can be shown to the world with the proper guidance.

I will share how I was able to transform from Stupid Boy, Stubborn Adolescent, and Silly Teen to Super Young Man.   The Key was having someone who believed in me in my corner.  She was a teacher from a small Christian school who changed my outlook on life, my circumstances, and as a result, my future.

We will meet Super Students like Bat Man and Robin, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Under Dog,  The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Flash, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Captain America  Iron Man and many others as we help them see who than can and will be with the proper guidance, encouragement, and direction.

Keep this important verse in mind as you reflect on different types of students.  "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  Notice that is says "A" child, not YOUR child.  We see students more of their waking hours than their parents do, and can have a tremendous impact on them.  The emphasis will be on the way "he SHOULD go", not on which way he's heading now, or on the direction he might want to be going!  

I look forward to changing the lense of your students with you at this training.  Hopefully, we can be super heroes ourselves in the way we model and mentor the children God places in our paths, and we will be able to mold become "Transformers" in their lives!

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