Zoom Video Lesson: Helping Students who struggle with Reading and Writing using Visual, Verbal, Auditory, & Kinesthetic Strategies

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Video Lesson: Helping Students who struggle with Reading and Writing using Visual, Verbal, Auditory, & Kinesthetic Strategies        (42 Minutes)  Special Price for June & July!

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Many students who are reading and writing at the sentence level are being asked to handle the rigor of complete passages and essays.  This video will give you dozens of tips using suggested changes in the way you teach, organize your classroom, and connect with visual, verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Here is a list of topics by where you can find them in the video timeline if you are looking for something specific or would like to find things more easily: 

1.  1:05  Importance of Teaching in alphabetical order:  Class, Group, Partner, & SOLO

2.  2:28  Classroom setup and Teacher Proximity during Cooperative Grouping

3.  3:50  Grouping Avenger Style   (Different Strengths and Weaknesses)

4  5:50  Special Needs Students

5. 9:55  TEAM:  Finding the Magical Mix based on personalities and skills

6.  10:15  Snow White Seven Dwarf and President Partnerships

7.  11:54  The Problem with allowing Students to Fly Solo too Soon

8.  15:36  SOLO  Reading Softly & Loudly and why Silence is deadly in a testing classroom of Auditory Learners

9.  17:32  Meeting SOLO: The Cartoon Boy and his Total Physical Response Learning Styles

10.  18:00   Helping Struggling Readers and Writers Take Smaller Pictures  (Letters/Formations/ Penmanship)

11.  19:35   My Letter Has a Tail!

12.  21:15  Recording Mental Videos by Speaking, Hearing, and Listening

13.  23:40  Teach the Alphabet BEFORE You Teach the Dictionary!

14.  24:15    Why 24,000 Students got Zeroes on ONE prompt in ONE Year 

15.  25:55  Taking Bricks off the Wall:  Why Students Need a Thesaurus

16.  28:15   VAK the Carpet:  Helping the Students on the Floor Level of Learning

17.  29:30    Scaffolding Reading and Writing: Why Your Students Need to Start at the Bottom of the Pyramid and not the Top

18.  32:30  Danger!  Why Reading Softly is Better than Reading Silently

19.  34:11   Why Drop the Y?:  Teaching Singular, Singular Possessive, Plural, and Plural Possessive Spelling Rules Kinesthectically

20.  37:30  ET Phone Home!  Using Visual and Kinesthetic Strategies when words SOUND the same

21.  Summer Discount!  Single Video Lessons vs. Monthly Subscription Plans

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