Video Lesson: Explaining and Exploding Expository using Pizza

Video Lesson: Explaining and Exploding Expository using Pizza

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The video that I model in this essay was to write about a favorite time of year.

The student started off on the wrong step right away by writing about summer. Since that season lasts 3 months, there are dozens if not hundreds of things that you could write about that would be good reasons for enjoying summer.
That's exactly what happened in the body because the student has 21 different reasons! I want you and your students to play a game that I call explode and box the pizza with the one reason I have chosen: exercising by playing tag with your friends/family.
I use my pizza activity on page 502 and 503 of the binder, and I ask and answer 16 different questions using tag and my writing folder outline as a guide.
If you can do this enough with your students, instead of having 21 reasons with one sentence each, there's a possibility of having one reason with almost 21 sentences!
As you go over the video on YouTube with your students, pause as I asked each question and have a group discussion with your class about what the answers could be. Your students could take notes, or they can just try and remember the things you discuss along the way.
By the time everyone is finished, have them try and write their own paragraph with as many sentences as possible about the one reason of summer being the best time of year because of exercising by playing tag

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