Traffic Light Sentences using Names of Businesses, Stores, and Restaurants

Traffic Light Sentences using Names of Businesses, Stores, and Restaurants

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Welcome to our ELAR lesson titled, Traffic Light Sentences using Names of Businesses!

This can make several great bell ringers or sponge activities, OR you can use them as full color stand alone lessons to writing complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.

In this engaging video we learn how to associate writing difficult sentences to streets that we see and live on every day. One of the things I mention in the video is the following: Every sentence is like a street where the first word of the sentence is the green light called GO! The yellow light is called SLOW! That's where we use "caution" as we write in punctuation marks such as commas, apostrophes, contractions, and quotation marks for the lower grades along with colons and semi-colons for secondary in most states.
The last color is the red light, and his name in the activity is WHOA! He is like a stop sign that brings closure to the sentence.

During the video, you will learn dozens of visual, verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic strategies that will force you students to actively think about sentence structure as they go. As I model in the video, only emphasize one skill at a time when your students are first learning the rules of Traffic Light Sentences. Each page has ONE store, restaurant or business sign with an apostrophe somewhere on it. A different question is asked or comment made about each picture, and your students will use the rules they learn in Traffic Light Sentences to answer the questions or respond to the comments.

Thanks to all of you teachers who took time out of your busy schedules to respond to my post by looking for businesses, stores, and restaurant's around your cities that had apostrophe s or s apostrophe in their names showing ownership! All of you who took the time to post pictures of those businesses on my Facebook post will receive this video and pdf attachments for free!

Here is the order of the sign by how they appear in the video and pdf sheet:
Each picture has a different question or comment about the business.   The apostrophes in all of the names below are intentionally the color of the yellow traffic light meaning SLOW the sentence down.

Sam's Club

Gilley's Dallas

Kd's Southern Cuisine


Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

Lowe's Market






Conn's Home Plus


Northeast Children's Museum


Fried Green Tomato's

Gill's Gold Crisp Chicken

Raven's/Ravens' Lane

Clyde's Boot & Shoe Service

Dunkin' Donuts

Val's Italian Restaurant

Peralta's Mexican Food

Big Sam's Grill & Bar

Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q

Joe's Italian Restaurants

Donald's Donuts

O'Reilly's Auto Parts

Twisted Daquiri's

Layne's Chicken Fingers

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