Spanish ELAR & Writing Recorded Webinars

Spanish ELAR & Writing Recorded Webinars

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Spanish ELAR & Writing Webinars:

Editing, Revising, Expository, and Personal Narrative in Spanish


These are all recorded only webinars that will be sent by email along with the pdf files that go with them

$15 Each Webinar: 

SPECIAL OFFER!  For anyone who registers for all 4 of these Spanish webinars, you will receive a hard copy of the DEAR DOC  Spanish ELAR Writing binder, class set of 25 advanced folders, class set of 25 graphic organizers, class set of editing hands, class set of 25 mini posters on how to get voice in Spanish, and class set of 25 Spanish story telling remotes via United States Post Office.  Be sure to use your post office or physical mailing address that USPS uses to deliver your packages.  (For this option, you would enter a quantity of four when you are checking out of the store.)

When you check out and enter the number 1, 2, or 3 depending on how many webinars you would like to attend, write in the notes section which one(s) you are signing up for.

NOTE:  When you purchase each webinar, you will receive a digital copy of the recorded sessions, full color pdf files,and attendance certificates for about 8 hours of sessions. They will be sent several days apart from each other if you purchase more than one to allow you time to dissect and go over each radio one at a time

Somee webinars will have a second  video sent by email at no extra cost with whatever content we are not able to cover within a two hour time period.

 Webinar   $15 each person    Editing/Editar using MUPOOL  (Forgive the lack of accents!  I was too tired to copy and paste!)

Using Spanish editing skills for sentences, paragraphs, passages, and essays   

Que Cambio en oracion ___?             M - Mayuscula o Minuscula  U - Uso  P - Puntuacion/Pronuncicion, O-Ortografia

Que es la correcta o mejor manera de escribir oracion/oraciones .______

O - Oracion/Oraciones    (Texto Corrido o Fragmento)

L -  Letras Legibles    Learning correct letters, formation, handwriting, and neatness for writing open ended sentence responses and essays in Spanish


 Webinar   Revising/Revisar using ARMS

 A - Agregar/Añadir   R - Remover/Reemplezar ,  R - Remover/Reemplezar , 

Actors Remember More/Actores Recuerdan Mas

Artist Remember More/Artistas Recuerdan Mas

Using Spanish revising skills for sentences, paragraphs, passages, and essays


Webinar    $15 each person               

Expository/Expositivo The entire process of expository using the Spanish Rubric/Scoring Guide in order to get 3's and 4's


Webinar   $15 each person  Personal Narrative/Narrativo Personal    Process of writing to respond to a prompt in Spanish from brainstorming/planning, to introuduction, body, conclusion and revising and editing the rough draft.




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