How to Turn a 2 into a 3 or 4 by Adding Development with Voice and Higher Vocabulary

How to Turn a 2 into a 3 or 4 by Adding Development with Voice and Higher Vocabulary

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Before I get into explaining this video, let me just share some statistics with you about test scores each year.

Only 1% of the students in Texas get two fours from each reader in April.
Only about three to 5% of the kids can get a 7 (a 4 and a 3 from each reader.
75% of the students well either get zeroes, ones, or twos.
That is because most papers have very little development and practically no voice at all.
Voice is the writer behind the writing, his own personality and view of the world himself and experiences.
That's where this video will help you a lot.
I use Mrs. Potato Head and poker chips to show how to add voice.
There's also an activity where I use and Easter egg basket since they are now on sale at 70% off if you can still find them to teach the rewarding of higher vocabulary. The student gets one ticket in the word Bank for simply using better word choices. They get two tickets for showing their voice by writing what they do say or think based on a certain experience or topic they are writing about. Then once a week or once a month you can have a raffle where you can even include tickets for great transition words and phrases or figurative language expressions that are added to the essay.
I also mentioned buying poppers from Walmart to reward your kids to explain and explode their essays.
A 3 would be explaining why a four would be exploding. It's a great for kids to put more effort into their compositions for you.
Email me at writing_doctor@yahoo.comfor information about summer trainings with teachers at your campus.

My rate in the summer is $1,000 per day in the Rio Grande Valley and $1,250 anywhere else in Texas! I'm offering trainings for reading teachers from third through eighth grade needing to learn editing and revising as well l. As many of you are aware I'm also a math consultant.
I look forward to working with many of you as we hopefully will soon restart and renew our lives.

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