DEAR DOC ELAR Writing & Reading Addendum Pages

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October Only Special:

This product is a supplement to the DEAR DOC Editing, Revising, and Essay Binder that thousands of you have purchased over the years!  It has 51 additional pages that are not on any versions of the binder for this year or in the past.

It will be of great help you as you transition from Writing to Reading and Writing included in the reading test in your classrooms the next two years and beyond..  It will be sent to you as a digital copy by email the same day you make the purchase!

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to include an email address that won't get blocked by your district as spam or junk mail since there will be an attachment.

NOTE:  For those who order in the next two weeks, I will be constantly adding new STAAR Reading passages thoughout the year that match the rigor and testing structure of the state test in all grade levels. There will also be passages with open ended reading and writing questions once TEA models examples of what those questions will look like. All of those will be sent to you by email free with this purchase as long is it is sometime during the month of October.. The new additions will take place approximately every two weeks, so be sure to email me to receive them. I will post to social media each time I have some new ones ready for you!

FYI:  I have intentionally left the page numbers off since so many of you have different versions of the binder of the years.

Section One: I have included my two latest test formatted rigorous passages in editing and revising along with the graphic organizers that your students can use in practice and some they can use on the actual test these last two years.


Section 2:  These pages are to help you and your students prepare for the old and new state skills and the way they will be tested in both multiple choice and open ended formats beginning in two years.   

There is a checklist in both English and Spanish to guide your students on the step by step process it takes to make it through the rigorous reading passages.  One section is dedicated to infering and drawing conclusions about characters feelings and emotions based on their actions and reactions in a reading passage.   

Another section is title A  Thousand Words Paints a Picture so that your students can draw out a sequence of an event or specific setting that is being described.  Another useful tool uses a ladder to help your students creatively organize facts, sequences of an event, or steps in a process.   

There is even a section with scenarios that allow you to practice point of view and perspective with your students. 

 The next portion has a very simple graphic organizer that can be used to help students answer any questions from word meaning, cause & effect, comparing and contrasting, inferencing, and two of the most difficult skills that students struggle with: main idea, summarization.

I have also included my very popular poem entitled, "Stay for Me...the One" as a reading passage in writing test format.

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