Video Lesson: 4th Grade Math Surgery Based on 2019 Results

Video Lesson: 4th Grade Math Surgery Based on 2019 Results

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This video and PDF attachments that go with it will be sent to you by email upon completion of purchase.  It is one hour and 31 minutes in length.


 About this video: You get to go one on one with the Come On Sense Math Doctor right from your home or classroom!  Email or message me on social media if you have any questions.

I have come up with 10 questions modeled after some of the most difficult 4th grade test from 2019 in Texas. The lowest performing question in the list only had 28% correct in the whole state even though the test was not until May! The best scoring was at 60%. What that means is that either the way these skills were taught or the method or manner they were tested were pretty rigorous for the students. I highly recommend that you model these questions with your students as a class or at least allow them to work in groups, being that the level of difficulty is so high. It wouldn't make sense to just assign them to your students as a grade.

Here is the timeline and description of each problem and question if you need a little guidance on certain objectives or another approach.

:55 Why the Name Come on Sense Math?
Using a total physical response

1:30 In Depth Guide on the R.U.L.E.S. of Problem Solving

11:30 Question 1 Strip Diagrams with Two Steps of Division
From Question # 5 48|% State Average Correct RC 2 S.E. 4.5A

22:45 Question # 2 Using a protractor to find the measurement of an angle with two rays NOT going through zero
From Question #6 30% State Average Correct RC 3 SE 4.7D

31:55 Question # 3 Comparing improper and mixed fractions using grams
From Question #9 35% State Average Correct RC 1 SE 4.3D

40:21 Question #4 Two Step Problem: Finding the remainder after multiplying and dividing one and two digit numbers
From Question #10 53% State Average Correct RC 2 SE 4.4H

48:20 Question #5 Finding the total number of cups and ounces of sugar left unused after baking a cake                                                                                             

From Question #11 58% State Average Correct RC 3 SE 4.8C

53:35 Finding out which pair of expressions have a quotient AND product of ABOUT 9
From Question #16 State Average Correct 60% RC 2 SE 4.4G

1:00:35 Question #7 Converting inches of a poster to feet
From Question #21 State Average Correct 57% RC 3 SE 4.8B

1:08:45 Two Step Problem: Using Fractions and time to combine one set of numbers and the difference of another number
From Question #24 State Average Correct 28% RC 2 SE 4.3E

1:16:15 Question #9 Open ended question needing two steps of two and three digit multiplication
From Question #26 State Average Correct 33% RC 2 SE 4.4H

1:21:18 Question #10 Comparing the perimeters of four rectangles with only two sides shown on each figure
From Question #33 State Average Correct 59% RC 3 SE 4.5D

1:28:53 Closing and contact information

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