Pirate Theme Expository Writing Training (Special Price for June & July)

Pirate Theme Expository Writing Training (Special Price for June & July)

  • $750.00
  • Save $1,250

If nothing changes in terms of training lower grade teachers to build a foundation in expository and editing, nothing will change in terms of writing scores in 4th and 7th grade!

Use June and July to help 4th and 7th Grade STAAR Writing Teachers build a foundation in Writing by training your lower grades in the basics of expository and editing.  These two areas count for 24 points in 4th grade and 33 points in 7th grade.

Here's what the training includes:

May the Fours be with You Pirate Theme Writing Training
Special Offer During June and July Only!
Expository Purpose/Process with Some Emphasis on Editing
Target Audience- Teachers from Kinder to 4th Grade

Agenda: Expository Purpose, Prompt, Plan & Process to help visual, auditory, & kinesthetic learners
1. Understanding Expository Purpose Using a Pirate’s Hat, Hook, Hair, Necklace, Body, Belt and Boots
2. The Blah and The Bling of Brainstorming to “Capture” your audience (well chosen/unique ideas)
3. How to “Hook” the Reader and Keep Him Engaged (Attention Getters throughout the essay)
4. Just like some pirates, your essay can only have one “I”dea! (central idea statements)
5. Keeping the “Ship” in one GPS location (Getting Pretty Specific by developing/explaining one reason/example)
6. True Pirates “Explode” with all their Hearts and Heads (writing with voice)
7. Building and Using a “Treasure Chest” of vocabulary (word choice)
8. Ending the Essay with a “Bang” (Closing with strong reflective conclusions)
9. A Pirate Needs His Mates (improving the essay in class, group and partner settings)

Option A: $750/$1,000 out of Rio Grande Valley
Includes Training & Handouts for up to 50 teachers

Option B: $750/$1,000 out of R.G.V. plus $25 per Teacher
Includes: Training, Handouts, &
One Classroom Set of 25 Primary or Elementary Writing Folders
(Folders include: plan for expository, editing and revising guide,
figurative language examples, print/cursive alphabet, and a
mini thesaurus of higher vocabulary to use when writing essay)

Option C: $750/$1,000 out of R.G.V. plus $50 per Teacher
Same as Option B and also includes Primary Version
of Full Color Penmanship, Grammar/Editing and
Revising Binder

Option D:  $1,750 each day for RGV schools from August through April                                    $2,000 for one day out of RGV and $1,750 for each consecutive day                      after that   ($250 travel fee is included in this price)

For more information or to reserve date(s):
Phone: 956-783-7454
Email: writing_doctor@yahoo.com

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