Advanced Spanish Student Creative Writing Folders

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Advanced Spanish Student Creative Writing Folders

Since many of you who use my Spanish folders give them to your students at the end of the year or wear them out with so much use, I am offering you replacements sets at half price for a very limited time!

For those of you who don't yet have them, here's your chance to get the deal of a lifetime!

These Spanish Student Folders are an effective planning tool and a great resource for students to use right at their desks. 
Each folder is printed with the following sections: 
1. expository purpose of writing plan using the human body (new for 2017!)

2. Editing Section Covering:

Oración-texto corrido,
3. Revising Section Covering:  
A - Agregar o Añadir
R - Reemplezar o Remover

M - Mover

4. Print and Cursive Spanish alphabet  

5. Spanish figurative language examples

6. Spanish Dialogue guidelines using guiones

7. Huge mini thesaurus of excellent Spanish vocabulary to substitute for worn out words.

Designed specifically to help students score better on the Texas State S.T.A.A.R. tests, they are a must for all language arts classrooms!

Full Color 11" x 17" Folder, printed on both sides.
Folders come in shrink wrapped sets of 25 (one per student) and are ready for easy laminating, folding and classroom use.

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